Req/second Req/month Price/month Price/1k extra reqs


Useful for smaller loads or development.
1 25,000 £50


For production loads. Our most popular plan.
1 250,000 £300 £1.25


For larger use cases requiring higher throughput.
10 1,000,000 £1000 £0.93

Need more metadata? Email us for details of our high volume plans.

Low use free tier

We offer 250 free lookups to get you started... that should cover testing or small personal projects! These 250 lookups do not reset each month, so once they are used, they are used.

Once you've used your free lookups, you can choose to pay for new lookups by subscribing to one of our plans.

Click here to get started: Try OneMusicAPI

Annual discounts

If you are prepared to commit to OneMusicAPI for one year, and pay up front, we'll give you twelve months for the price of ten.

For example, if you purchase the "Gold" plan for a year, it'll save you £600, or 16%. Just let us know when you order.

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