OneMusicAPI to rule them all

OneMusicAPI is a low cost music metadata API. It works by aggregating several popular existing online music databases. This leads to an extensive and accurate range of music data of around 8,000,000 albums and 4,000,000 artists.

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Coverage, accuracy

OneMusicAPI is able to provide metadata about an astonishing range of music because it aggregates existing, well maintained, online databases.

The databases OneMusicAPI aggregates are:

  • MusicBrainz
  • Cover Art Archive
  • Acoustid
  • Wikipedia
  • Discogs
  • FreeDB

Cost effective

OneMusicAPI is optimised for developers who seek a stable, dependable API at a fraction of the cost of the existing expensive music metadata providers.

We provide per-request and also monthly pricing plans. Let us know what works for you!

A one-stop-shop

OneMusicAPI aggregates multiple online music metadata services so you only need to write your integration code once.

An important part of our service is to provide a stable API. We won't change APIs our customers use and we'll seek to offer enterprise-class dependability for our service.

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