This is documentation for version 20150623 which is deprecated. The current version is 20220401. We will continue to make deprecated versions available to customers who still use them, but new customers should use the latest version.

Querying artists

GET /20150623/artist
POST /20150623/artist

The artists endpoint allows clients to retrieve metadata about given musical artists, given search parameters. The parameters are used to query OneMusicAPI's aggregated database of MusicBrainz, Discogs and Wikipedia data.

Queries can be sent as a GET or POST request.

Mandatory parameters for all queries

All queries must contain the following:

Your API key.

"called" query

The "called" query allows for artists to be looked up that go by a given name, moniker or alias.

Mandatory parameters

A name used by all of the artists to be returned.



Retrieves information about The Beatles


Retrieves information about Led Zeppelin

Discogs artist ID query

OneMusicAPI accepts Discogs artist IDs to identify artists. When a Discogs artist ID is used to lookup artist information, not only is the Discogs data for that artist returned, but also for the same artist on other databases, such as on MusicBrainz and Wikipedia.

Mandatory parameters

The Discogs artist ID which will be used to return data.



Retrieves information about Portishead


Here's an example response:
	  "name": "Ziggy Stardust",
	  "aliases": [
	    "David Jones",
	    "David Bowie",
	    "David Robert Jones",
	    "The Thin White Duke",
	    "Ziggy Stardust",
	    "Davis Bowie",
	    "Davie Bowie",
	  "images": [
	  "country": "",
	  "urls": [
	  "score": 1
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