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Music servers frequently require music metadata when they play or rip music from CDs.

bliss is a fully automated music organiser that aims to make your computer audio collection consistent, correct and complete.

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OneMusicAPI is a spin-off of what used to be embedded in bliss; bliss's cover art and metadata lookup code. Elsten software, the developers of bliss, realised many other hardware and software were also aggregating the free music metadata databases so decided to offer their code as a service.

Since adopting OneMusicAPI, the time spent on maintaining bliss's cover art and metadata lookup has shrunk to barely-anything. By having one integration, with OneMusicAPI, instead of four or five metadata providers, the developers of bliss are able to ignore changes in the free music metadata APIs and concentrate on their core competencies: developing music rules.

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There's a lot of music metadata out there freely available to software and hardware developers, but no one, single, authority that covers all the bases. This means to get adequate metadata coverage and accuracy you need to combine all of the databases, but these integrations cost time and money. OneMusicAPI has given us the best of both worlds: all free music metadata databases at the cost of just one integration.

Dan Gravell, founder and programmer for bliss

bliss is software that runs in the background and checks your computer audio collection for compliance against a set of rules. When music is found that is non-compliant, it attempts to fix or asks for clarification on how to fix.

OneMusicAPI is used to provide metadata and cover art. For example, when albums are found that do not have cover art, bliss looks up the album on OneMusicAPI and downloads cover art that is found and has a high "score", denoting the accuracy of the match.

bliss first performs a tags only search, then, if no results are found of a high-enough score, performs an audio fingerprint search.

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