Over the past months we’ve been asked for multiple new features, which we’ve been shipping to prospective (and now current) clients. We thought it was about time we cut a new API version, imported the docs to the website and made an announcement!

The first addition are artist biographies. These are unstructured pieces of text, included in our source databases. They can be accessed via a new artist lookup endpoint. You can use biographies to add rich text information about artists to create a more compelling experience for your users.

The artistId that is used in an artist lookup is gleaned from the resource-url attribute returned when querying artists. You can now also use artistId to narrow down tracks in track queries.

We’ve added wildcard searching for track names. So now you can perform a search like:


To return all those Revolution tracks…

We also added track durations to the release endpoint. We’ve had feedback that they are useful both for displaying more information to the user, and in some cases for your own matching code, should that be needed. Durations are expressed in milliseconds:

"tracks": [
        "title": "She Makes President",
        "number": "1",
        "duration": 216000

All the new features are listed in our reference docs!.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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