We've been getting more and more requests for data dumps of our music metadata database here at OneMusicAPI. Regular readers know OneMusicAPI is an aggregated database, built by combining the major free online databases: MusicBrainz, Discogs, Acoustid, Wikipedia, the Cover Art Archive and FreeDB.

Normally we just sell API access of course. But for some use cases it makes sense to download the data in one lump, maybe to perform analysis on it, or maybe ongoing API access just isn't required.

Some stats

Why are we getting more requests for data dumps? I think it's the combination of OneMusicAPI's breadth and its ability to link musical entities between databases and so provide greater depth.

As of today, we can boast:

Entity Count
Artists 1,937,887
Releases 7,830,975
Tracks 14,931,398
Labels 876,004

Errr... what's that at the end? Labels? We do actually store information about record labels, but this is not exposed in the API at the moment. If you're interested in seeing this information in the API, let us know!

Database dumps

We can provide our database dumps in multiple formats. So far, most of the requests for data dumps have asked for CSV formats, but we could equally provide the data in JSON, XML, even SQL statements!

The pricing depends on the number of the rows and the number of cells. For instance, one customer requires only Discogs release IDs and related barcodes; this makes for a cheap data dump.

Let us know if you are interested!

Thanks to jorge.correa who made the the image above available for sharing.
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