It's time to make the first changes to our pricing plans.

I know what you're thinking: price changes, that means price increases, right? Well, in one case, yes. But in the other cases we've kept prices static and we've also introduced a new low usage plan to cover the gap that used to exist between the pre-pay and unlimited options.

The Unlimited plans stay at the same price: £300 or £150 per month with or without image download, respectively.

We're introducing a new low-usage subscription plan. This is after a lot of feedback that customers wanted a rolling subscription, but did not want to pay for unlimited calls. This new plan is £40 per month and grants 10,000 queries to OneMusicAPI each month.

It's the pre-pay option where we have decided to increase the price. Actually, not just increase the price, but decrease the number of queries that can be made too. The pre-pay plan now allows 2,000 queries, over any time period (down from 10,000) and costs £20 (up from £15).

We've also reduced the number of calls that can be made with our free plan, from 1000 to 250.

So there we go; I hope, in particular, that the new low-usage plan will hit the sweet spot for a lot of you. I've updated the pricing page to reflect the changes.

Thanks to PhotoAtelier who made the the image above available for sharing.
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