Good news! This is the first release of OneMusicAPI using its Aggregated Database (ADB). This redesign of OneMusicAPI is designed to improve performance and availability by avoiding costly and fault prone calls into other APIs.

The ADB merges multiple free online sources of music metadata into one database, co-located with OneMusicAPI and queried by OneMusicAPI. For now, the integrated databases are Wikipedia's musical release data and Discogs' metadata. MusicBrainz and FreeDB are the next in line!

This release also introduces a new version of the API: 20131025. That means there's a new release endpoint to query for new users:

Remember you'll need to add your user_key (which you can get by signing up).

There're no API changes in this new API version, with respect to input parameters and response data structures, but there is a behaviour change. The score returned with each release is getting more granular. You'll now commonly see scores ranging from 0.8 up to 1.

This is enough to warrant a new version because the expected results from consistent queries would vary quite dramatically. For example, if you used the default minCertainty value of 1 by not including the parameter, you will suddenly receive far fewer results. This would otherwise break a lot of clients, so I moved onto a new version.

As ever, we'll keep the old version of the API running so long as paying customers are using it.

To give OneMusicAPI a try all you need to do is sign up and you'll get 1000 free queries. Further queries can be purchased on a rolling monthly basis or as a credit top-up. When you do sign up, use the new reference documentation that has been released.

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