The first release of OneMusicAPI has just been made! Earlier on I promoted the current beta version, 20120130, into production. It's great to finally release OneMusicAPI to general availability!

This first release contains support for retrieving cover art using album/artist names, Acoustid fingerprints, CD TOCs and MusicBrainz Disc IDs. Artwork can be constrained by resolution. Here's an example query:

And the results...

    "title": "Blues Funeral",
    "artist": "Mark Lanegan Band",
    "images": [
        "url": "",
        "width": "990",
        "height": "877"
    "score": 1

A new feature added during the beta process was a health indicator:

Which should return:


If the API doesn't return that, the host cannot be connected to, or the connection takes too long to respond, the API can be considered unhealthy. This allows you to take alternative action in your app.

These URLs are indicative. Attempting to perform requests for those URLs will result in an Authentication parameters missing and a HTTP 403 status in the response. To access your API keys, sign up for OneMusicAPI.

What's next?

Next up is the work to begin supporting different types of metadata lookup. Currently OneMusicAPI only supports cover art. Next, I want to support metadata lookup for other information such as year of release, genre and more.

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