Just a quick note to announce the very first beta for OneMusicAPI. I've uploaded the first beta version which provides cover art given various inputs.

This first beta contains support for retrieving cover art using album/artist names, Acoustid fingerprints, CD TOCs and MusicBrainz Disc IDs. Here's an example query:


And the results...

      "title":"The Bends",

You can read the documentation to get a flavour of all the options but minimum and maximum resolutions can be specified and more besides.

What's next?

I'm working to port bliss to use OneMusicAPI. Tests show that OneMusicAPI is delivering almost the amount of cover art bliss is currently capable of, and there are a few behind-the-scenes things I need to finish of. For instance, OneMusicAPI uses its own copy of MusicBrainz so that multiple parallel users can be supported. There are a few things to finish there before release.

After that, work will start on supporting metadata other than cover art.

Let me know if you are interested in signing up for the beta:

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