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Blondie is an American rock band that is formed by its famous singer named Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, her guitarist. The reason why they called the band Blondie is quite obvious with Doborah’s hair being spiky platinum blond at the time. They are the first band that created songs that have the promising effects of New Wave and the contemporary upbeat style of Punk. Even though they started to become popular in the UK and Australia, success did not come worldwide since their genre was not yet included in the mainstream. In the United States, they are still considered as an underground sort-of-rock-band-but-not-really kind of group because people are still new to the kind of music that they are singing.

The early 80’s came and Blondie finally attained stardom through their perky and unique singles that ranked on top of the charts. By then, they have pushed their already out-of-the-box records by further recording songs that were incorporated with other music genres such as disco, pop, and reggae. However, there was one redeeming factor that made Blondie consistently successful at the time – it was because they never removed the New Wave factors that still made their albums trendy but with a twist that many individuals found refreshing and one of a kind.

The band first started playing in 1974 and has been playing until now. Their most recent album was released on 2011 entitled Panic of Girls. Currently, they have accumulated over 40 million sold albums all over the world and they were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last 2006.

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