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If you like Rhythm and Blues, then you must know Allen Toussaint. Toussaint is best known for his knack of composing beautiful music such as Working in the Coalmine, Fortune Teller, Ride Your Pony, Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues), Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky, Southern Nights, I'll Take a Melody and Mother-in-Law. Yes, these songs wherein a lot of renditions have come and go are originally created and produced by Allen who has certainly wowed the music industry with his raw talent that started at an early age of 17.

Allen Toussaint grew up in a shotgun house with his mother in Gert Town, New Orleans wherein they would play and record his music. To support Allen’s passion, her mother decided to open her house to all kinds of musician making Toussaint a local celebrity in the process. It was in the sixties when his success started. His songs were finally sung by famous R&B artists in New Orleans like Ernie K-Doe, Irma Thomas, Art and Aaron Neville, The Showmen, and Lee Dorsey.

Since he first started four decades ago, he has become a living legend with a lot of his composed music that has been sung over and over again by different famous singers. He is still active today, still creating his music. After he has survived Hurricane Katrina, he decided to settle in New York while he waited for his house being reconstructed. His most recent album is entitled The Bright Mississippi, which was produced and released in 2009.

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