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Alice Cooper (his birth name is Vincent Damon Furnier) is an American rock singer that has been flourishing the entertainment industry, particularly the music industry, for over four decades now. He started singing at a young age of 16 during his high school years at ’64. Together with his fellow country friends, they formed a group called The Earwigs. They didn’t know how to play any instruments so they began miming Beatles songs, which pretty much summed up their performances. Cooper then decided that the group must all learn to play instruments so they could finally start their own band and they did learn. They changed their name to The Spiders with Alice Cooper being the lead vocals, Dennis Dunaway on bass, John Tatum on rhythm guitar, John Speer on drums, and Glen Buxton on lead.

However, Cooper has so many talents that he also began to write songs and act. He was quite fond on the horror and macabre side of things and that explained why most of his live performances and theatrical shows consisted of suspense and horror violence that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood, large and slithery boa constrictors, and hideously creepy china dolls. He wanted to shock his audience while he entertains them with one-of-a-kind theatricals as he sings his rock music with his band. This was the reason why his concerts were always a big hit.

In 2011, Alice Cooper was finally included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rolling Stones labeled him as the beloved heavy metal entertainer of all time.

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