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AC/DC is a popular rock band from Australia. They were founded by Malcolm and Angus Young (brothers) in 1973. At the time, the kind of music was so different and quite aggressive that many people thought that they were playing heavy metal instead of hard rock. However, the band shrugged it all off and simply announced that they were under the classification of rock and roll. Soon, many fans have come to appreciate their hard rock music. They raved about the amazing talents of the members. Their songs started to hit the top of the billboard charts, making them legendary in the metal and rock music industry.

The group’s name was actually the idea of their sister named Margaret Young. She saw the sign AC/DC on a nearby sewing machine and she thought that it would be a cool name for her brother’s group since it meant alternating current/direct current, a wonderful metaphor that could signify the band’s raw talent, energy, and thrive to produce good songs, incredible performances, and commitment to their passion which is of course, music. After they released their first album entitled, High Voltage, which only took 10 days to record with their skilled talents, they achieved instant fame and they started touring the world. The album included the drop-dead voice of vocalist Bon Scott. Eight years later of being in the spotlight, Bon Scott unfortunately died due to acute alcohol poisoning.

Today, AC/DC have sold over 200 million records worldwide earning them a prestigious rank as the 72nd Greatest Artists of All Time in Rolling Stones, 4th Greatest Artists of Hard Rock on VH1, and 7th Greatest Heavy Metal Band of All Time of MTV.

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